Yosemite Valley Beef is synonymous with Food Safety!

Yosemite Valley Beef places the utmost importance on Food Safety!  Every single employee who is handling food is trained, and supervised to ensure that our Food Safety policies and practices are properly and correctly implemented.

The combination of our quality monitoring system and the USDA inspection serve to ensure the safety our products.

Both our YVBP and YVBD operate under an approved HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) program, which requires implementations of a written Hazard Analysis, multiple Critical Control Point (CCP) Identification, Monitoring and Verification Procedures, Critical Limits and Corrective Actions and guides our entire operation from receiving live cattle to shipping our final boxed products.  In addition to HACCP, Yosemite Valley Beef has also adopted other Quality Control (“QC”) procedures and programs such as Good Manufacturing Practices, Food Safety Net Services, etc. to enhance our safety programs, for both our employees and our products.

Yosemite Valley Beef operates in accordance with all USDA/FSIS regulatory requirements and has implemented safety best practices